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Ever Changing Chameleon
Ever Changing Chameleon
Ever Changing Chameleon
Ever Changing Chameleon

Ever Changing Chameleon

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Most chameleons change from brown to green and back, but some can turn almost any colour. A change can occur in as little as 20 seconds. Chameleons are born with special cells that have a colour or pigment in them. These cells lie in layers under the chameleon’s outer skin. They are called chromatophores. The top layers of chromatophores have red or yellow pigment. The lower layers have blue or white pigment. When these pigment cells change, the chameleon’s skin colour changes.

Using color changing threads, chameleon will change its colours once the temperature is over 30 Degree Celsius. The colour will return to its original state when the temperature falls below 30 Degree Celsius.

*Tips: Use a hair dryer to make the colour change*

*35 pieces of acrylic GITD "Egg" ranger eye were made and will be randomly insert into orders.*

- Limited Edition - 75 pcs made

- 100% Embroidery

- Velcro Hook Back

- 12 Colours (inclusive of colour changing threads)

- Measures 9cm in height & 7.9cm in width

- 17,516 stitches per patch

- Comes with FREE matching sticker(s)