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💡 Light bulb - Vision
💡 Light bulb - Vision
💡 Light bulb - Vision
💡 Light bulb - Vision

💡 Light bulb - Vision

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Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father and first Prime Minister of Singapore, possessed a visionary outlook that shaped the destiny of his nation. Recognizing the challenges faced by a small, resource-limited island, Mr. Lee envisioned Singapore as a global hub of excellence, prosperity, and harmonious multiculturalism. His unwavering commitment to good governance, meritocracy, and long-term planning transformed Singapore from a struggling nation into a thriving metropolis. With a keen focus on education, infrastructure development, and attracting foreign investments, he laid the foundation for Singapore's remarkable economic success. Moreover, Mr. Lee's vision of a cohesive and inclusive society fostered racial harmony, social stability, and a strong sense of national identity. His forward-thinking policies continue to shape Singapore's progress and serve as an inspiration for countries around the world.

"In a world of “big fish eat small fish; small fish eat shrimps”, Singapore must be a poisonous shrimp in order to survive" -Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, 1966.

Using color changing threads, “VISION” will “appear” once the temperature is over 30 Degree Celsius. The colour will return to its original state when the temperature falls below 30 Degree Celsius.

Using UV colour changing threads, Singapore flag will "appear" when expose to UV light. 

*Tips: Use a hair dryer to make the colour change*

- Limited Edition - 35 sets made 

- Come with a mystery ranger eye 

- 100% Embroidery

- Velcro Hook Back

- 9 Colours (inclusive of UV & colour changing threads)

- Glow in the dark threads

- Measures 10cm in height & 5.5cm in width

- 19,456 stitches per patch

- Comes with FREE matching sticker(s)