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(Don't) Worry Coin
(Don't) Worry Coin
(Don't) Worry Coin

(Don't) Worry Coin

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"Don't worry. It will be okay" is a comforting phrase that is often used to reassure someone who is feeling anxious or stressed about a particular situation. This phrase acknowledges the person's concerns and offers a sense of hope that things will work out in the end. It reminds us to have faith in ourselves and in the resilience of the human spirit. By staying positive and maintaining a hopeful attitude, we can often overcome the challenges that we face and emerge stronger on the other side! 

A reminder of for all of us to stay positive!

- Limited Edition - 100 pcs made

- Debossed 2 colour infilled 3D with recessed effect on the front 

- Concave indentation at the back (for relaxation and anxiety relief)

- Reeding on the edges (for relaxation and anxiety relief)

    - Material - Alloy 

    - Colour - Antique Gold 

    - A grainy finish is applied to the recessed metal and the raised metal is polished to give contrast in the details 

    - Measures 3.2cm (1.25 inches) in diameter and 5mm in thickness

    - Weights about 21 grams

    - Comes with round plastic case and tin box