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❤️Love Coin
❤️Love Coin
❤️Love Coin

❤️Love Coin

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Cannot decide if you love you partner "to the moon and back" or "deeper than the ocean"? Flip the coin! 

A reminder of those who mean the most to us, or a friendship across space and time.

- Limited Edition - 100 pcs made

- "Love you to the moon and back" engraved on 1 side 

- "Love you deeper than the ocean" engraved on 1 side 

    - Material - Alloy 

    - Colour - Antique Sliver 

    - A grainy finish is applied to the recessed metal and the raised metal is polished to give contrast in the details 

    - Measures 5.08cm (2 inches) in diameter and 3mm in thickness

    - Weights about 60 grams

    - Comes with round plastic case and tin box